Making an Impact Through Collaboration


You have a dream that is bursting to be raised!

You know the world will be a better place when this dream is no longer a dream and it becomes a reality.

And you are tired of going at it alone.   

Making a difference, raising dreams can sometimes feel like pushing a boulder uphill.

What’s the solution?  

One word: Collaboration.


When you work with others collaboratively and invite others to become champions of your dream, action happens!

Charmaine was recently a guest on the “Difference Makers Show” with Lynn Sanders. You can listen to the Difference Makers Show HERE.

They had a great conversation about how to choose people to collaboration with who share the same values and are a “good fit.” They also discussed how to handle things if the collaboration “gets weird.”

Communication is one of the most important foundations in making any collaboration work. It is also vital in being able to communicate your dream in a way that invites people to become champions of your vision.

At Raise a Dream, we know every time you show up to be a champion for someone else's dream, there will be a line up waiting to support you in raising your dream, too!

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