The Power of an Hour in Raising Your Dream

The Power of an Hour in Raising Your Dream

One of our Big Dream Primer program ​students posed a great question in our Insiders' Facebook Group. The question was concerning an issue that is very real for many people with a big dream.

“How do you balance having a full-time job/career with having a big dream to raise without going down rabbit holes?” What a great question! It addresses a challenge that many of us face.

There are only 1,440 minutes available to us in a 24-hour period. This is 86,400 seconds in a 24-hour period.  Now given that some of that you are sleeping for 8 hours and then potentially working at a job for another 8 hours, the issue of how to allocate the resource of your time becomes very important. How do we make the best use of the precious time that is available?


This is where the Power of an Hour comes in. What if you were to dedicate one hour (that is 3,600 seconds) without distractions (so cell phone off, close Facebook, no TV in the background) to raising your dream?

The Partnership Power Hour

When it comes to collaboration, partnership, and building relationships with sponsors so you can find money to fund your dreams, sixty minutes might be enough to:

  1. Gather pivotal research that tells you where and how your dream partners are creating sponsorship relationships.

  2. Collect a vital statistic about your own reach, networks, or connections that will impress a potential marketing partner and get you a YES in your next conversation.

  3. Clarify your dream’s branding and message and lead to creation of “the right fit” content that attracts the notice of an amazing sponsor.

  4. Optimize the content, layout, and features of your social media channels to spread your message to a bigger audience.

  5. Systematize your routines with the right templates, tools, and team to save you time and keep you working within your genius.

These are just 5 simple suggestions (and we go into depth on these and many more in the Big Dream Primer program). Imagine what you could do with 7 hours if you focused an entire week to having a Dream Power Hour!

When you have a strategic plan for that hour (plan the tasks in advance) and power down to do only those tasks, you will be amazed at the results and the progress.

For one week, we challenge you to create Power Hours. Make certain you pre-plan or document a list of activities to complete in that hour.

Put the timer on.

Remove any and all distractions.

Celebrate your results.

Using this strategy for a month will provide you with at least 28 Power Hours towards raising your dream!

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