Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Authors Raising Their Dreams By Selling More Books

Writing a book is a dream for so many people; however, the majority of people do not raise that dream.

If you have, congratulations!

How many books do you think the average author sells?

It always saddens me when I hear the statistics on book sales for authors. Publishers Weekly recently stated that the average author will sell 3,000 books in a lifetime, and in their first year, that is only about 250-300 books!  YIKES!


That is not good news for the morale or bank account of authors. However, we have some solutions to help you break past those book selling statistics and put more of your books into the hands of readers around the world. In fact, some of our Raise a Dream students who are authors are doing great things to raise their dream and sell more books.

At Raise a Dream, we help authors, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs turn their message into a movement and raise their dreams. One such dream of authors is becoming a best-selling or award-winning author who sells LOTS of books.

If you’re an author, here are valuable book selling tips to help you raise your dream and get your message to more people...

25+ Activities for a Successful Book Launch that Sells Books

Remember, a book launch lasts long after the day the book is publicly released. Charmaine’s book launches have included these types of activities:

  1. Maintain a virtual blog about the book tour
  2. Pre-release media campaign (online radio shows, podcasts)
  3. Pre-sales on website and Amazon
  4. “Save the date” book release social media campaign
  5. Release party
  6. Best seller campaign
  7. Book reviews from readers/people who purchased book, people who reviewed book, and blogger reviews from the virtual blog and book tour
  8. Submitted book for reviews to book reviewers
  9. Submitted book for awards
  10. Creation of marketing materials (standing banner, bookmark, postcards, author one sheets, media sheets)
  11. Scheduled book signings (at bookstores, library, author groups, book clubs, networking groups)
  12. Created book website
  13. Created book Facebook page
  14. Promoted the launch via Facebook event pages
  15. Added the book to my LinkedIn profile with link to Amazon
  16. Put information about the book and a link to it on Amazon on my email signature
  17. Printed return address labels that had my book cover graphic and website
  18. Letters, emails, and flyers sent to libraries to order the book
  19. Letters, emails, and flyers sent to hospital gift stores, college and universities, and other stores where there was a fit for my book
  20. Scheduled speaking engagements and presentations
  21. Press release to local media (and put on online PR sites)
  22. Social media and traditional media campaign
  23. Bulk purchase of books promotion
  24. Used tips and quotes from my books for social media and the creation of memes
  25. Created video to share in social media
  26. Approach businesses, associations, and organizations who are a fit with your books topic to purchase small bulk quantity

Sell More Books by Building Relationships and Finding Sponsorship Partners

One of our Raise a Dream Big Dream Primer students, author and speaker Yvonne Heath of Love Your Life to Death, has created a great partnership with her local KIA car dealership. Not only are they a sponsor, they are also selling her books at the dealership! You can listen to Yvonne talk about ​her results with sponsorship below. 


Keep Your Marketing Momentum Going

So many authors put incredible time, energy, and resources into the book release and launch and then lose momentum 3 months afterwards. To sell books and break past the book sale statistics, the marketing and selling of books must be an ongoing activity for you as the author.  Here are ideas for how to keep the book marketing momentum on a roll.

Books do not follow the old cliché “if you build it they will come.” Just because you write a book does not mean it will continue selling. Books continue selling because the author continues to market the book.

So to raise that dream and sell more books, make sure you set aside time every day to plan, promote, and partner with others.

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