How to Attract Sponsors by Turning Your Message Into a Movement

How to Attract Sponsors by Turning Your Message Into a Movement

Corporate sponsors certainly sponsor a lot of movements, but it is important to be clear that what they are sponsoring is the ways in which your movement, cause, message, event, dream, or project solves some of their marketing and brand management needs.

Sponsorship decision-makers measure the value and ROI (return on investment) they received from the sponsorship spend against the results expected or promised.

For example, if your project or movement promised the sponsor very concrete ways to connect them with your audience (which is likely one of the reasons they agreed), you will need to be able to report the results. Such tracking can happen through recording video/photo reach, comment numbers, and engagement metrics, to name a few.


Our Big Dream Primer program has some great exercises and social media tracking tools for you to use.

Sponsors are interested in results. The more successful your movement is in reaching and attracting target audiences, the more you are meeting the marketing needs of your sponsors.

How to Turn Your Message Into a Movement:

As you plan your next project or are turning your message into a movement, here are a few ways to keep some of the must dos top of mind (which will ultimately help serve the marketing needs of sponsors):


  • M: Message and movement clarity are essential. Be clear… Make it clear what your project is about and make it easy for people to join your movement.

  • O: Open communication and build new relationships with message ambassadors and champions.

  • V: Value the people who follow your movement. Engage with them, thank, and appreciate them.

  • E: Engage influencers and groups that have access to the perfect fit for your movement.

  • M: Manage issues, questions, and challenges as they arise. Avoiding or mishandling trouble can damage your message and lose followers.

  • E: Embrace the fact that not everyone is a fit for your movement. Encourage those who support it and get it to be ambassadors; don’t spend energy on those who resist.

  • N: Notice what is working, how people are engaging, and what is happening in the world where you can piggy back your movement’s message. This works GREAT for media too.

  • T: Traction is what keeps a movement going. Provide opportunities for your movement ambassadors to share the movement and bring on other followers. Staying quiet or stagnant for too long will result in the movement losing its inertia and impact.

For more information on how sponsorship can support turning your message into a movement, check out our Big Dream Primer program.

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Neil De Silva - September 19, 2018 Reply

Hello Charmaine!
I very much enjoyed your Presentation on “Sponsorship Opportunities” at G&F Financial.

We are currently looking to Launch several “FundRaising Calendars” and would really appreciate your assistance.

Thanking you, in advance,

Neil De Silva

    Stacey Terry - September 19, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for your comment and the compliment, Neil! I'll send you an email directly so you can follow up with Charmaine. All the best! ~ Stacey, Dream Team Support

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